SuperAnimo Widgets

I made a bunch of small custom jQuery plugins to use in my HTML5 animation builder SuperAnimo. They are free to use and MIT licensed.

Most of them don’t do anything interesting, but here they are:

TargetMarker – I needed to set a rotation anchor around a point on an image, so this widget lets you drag/drop a marker to set a percent-x and percent-y.

Size Gauge – A simple clickable gauge to set a size.

Brush Selector – Select a brush size.

Sequence Definer – I needed the ability to redefine which order a sequence of frames would play, so you can drag and drop a sequence of numbers with this widget.

AlphaSelector – For alpha effects I needed something where I could select the alpha value.  It’s just a simple slider widget with a gradient background.

superanimo widgets

You can see the demo of the widgets here. The drag-and-drop widgets use jQuery UI in addition to jQuery.

The code is MIT licensed and available on GitHub.